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STAGE 1 - Introduction

Free consultation to discuss manufacturing process and project options.


Initial Meeting


Feasibility Assessment



Project Definition




R&D Payment


R&D payment is required for each formulation to begin work on the project. 




Prototype Samples





Sample Approval




Formula Pricing (per lbs.)

STAGE 3 - Product Review

Some countries will require registration of products before manufacturing begins, i.e. EU


Select Product Packaging




Artwork/Artwork Approval





Final Product Review




Finalize Unit Pricing

STAGE 4 - Manufacture

The production process begins with a minimum order quantity that is based on product type.

Procurement: Raw & Packaging Materials







Quality Control Approval




Product Delivery

Full Turnkey Production: 

  • R&D/new product development, compounding, filling, secondary packaging and shipping

  • Product Formulations: shampoos, conditioner, lotions, creams, soaps, sanitizers and pomades among others

  • Compounding: emulsions, liquids and powders among others and tanks ranging from 50 to 7,000 gallons

  • Robust sourcing network and infrastructure for chemical raw ingredients

  • Provide film, tubes, bottles, jars, cans, wipe material, labels and corrugated among others and provide assistance to ensure artwork is compatible with equipment 

Other Services:

  • Packaging design and development

  • Qualifying and compatibility/stability testing

  • Develop specialty pack out designs


Packaging line | Paket Corporation | United States

Packaging Lines​

Filling and secondary packaging lines include:

  • Horizontal form/fill/seal

  • Vertical form/fill/seal 

  • Tube filling 

  • Bottle filling 

  • Jar filling 

  • Can filling 

  • Vial filling 

  • Blister 

  • Capper 

  • Pressure sensitive labeler

Secondary packaging equipment:

  • Automatic cartoner 

  • Multi-component assembly of displays

  • Multi-pack shrink wrap 

  • Blister card sealing and assembly

  • Card tipping for trial samples and mailers

  • Various labeling capabilities

  • Kitting

FDA Registered (OTC Compounding and Manufacturing), ISO Certified, cGMP compliant, EPA Registered
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