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Paket Corporation is founded


Paket relocates to a new 105,000 sq. ft. facility after outgrowing the existing building


Paket vertically integrates to include R&D and Compounding services to offer full turnkey solutions


On-going investments in equipment, people and technology supports  Paket's core values of delivering innovation, service and speed-to-market for our customers


Mark O'Malley acquires Paket Corporation 


Paket implements cloud-based manufacturing software


Paket undergoes robust capacity expansion by expanding its tube, jar, bottle and secondary packaging capabilities

Paket Corporation: The Beginning

Paket Corporation: The Beginning

Paket was founded in 1957 as an outsourced contract packager and occupied a 15,000 sq. ft. building located in Chicago's Southeast side. The main industry Paket initially serviced was the industrial sector by filling tubes with various lubricants for pumps, motors and other machine parts.   

Paket Corporation: New Direction

In 1996, Mark O'Malley purchased Paket and started to develop and collaborate with customers, both existing and new, on flexible packaging alternatives for their products. Mark focused on expanding the company's service offering outside of its existing core competencies, which primarily focused on filling tubes with industrial-based products.


In 2001, to meet customer demand, Paket purchased a 105,000 sq. ft. former Nalco Chemical facility in the Southeast side of Chicago.  This allowed Paket to add both horizontal and vertical f/f/s pouch lines as the CPG industry started vetting alternatives to their existing container formats. In addition, Mark recognized the need to offer R&D/NPD and compounding services to fully integrate the entire supply chain for emerging online or e-commerce focused customers. This re-investment philosophy still continues to this day and has allowed Paket to cater to almost any outsourced contract packaging customer need. In 2018 Paket added additional capabilities to further bolster the services it could provide both existing and new customers alike. Paket's current service offering now allows customers to have a "one-stop shop" for both their sampling and retail product lines.

Paket Corporation: Today

Paket Corporation continues to expand and re-invest each year in people, technology, equipment, processes and facilities to name a few. We're proud of where we've been, where we are now and are excited for what the future holds.  


As previously mentioned, Paket offers full turnkey services, including, but not limited to R&D/NPD, compounding, filling and secondary services.  We're ready to roll up our sleeves and work hand-in-hand to ensure your vision becomes reality. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any additional information. 

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