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Quality Assurance, Quality Control & Registrations 

Delivering quality finished goods with the highest standards


  • FDA registered facility for OTC compounding and filling. 

  • EPA registered facility for compounding and filling.

  • Manufacturing and packaging procedures abide by FDA OTC (CFR 210+211) / EPA / cGMP requirements


Standard Operating Procedures

  • Test the stability/compatibility of the product package

  • Evaluate packaging (pouch, tube, bottle, jar, etc.) to maximize and test shelf life

  • Quality Assurance product testing laboratory

  • Complete product traceability through cloud-based ERP system

  • Strict documentation guidelines

  • Master batch record documentation and control

  • Workflow control:  receiving, production and shipping

FDA Registered (OTC Compounding and Manufacturing), ISO Certified, cGMP compliant, EPA Registered
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