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Formulation, Compounding
Product Innovation Formulation
  • Laboratory equipped for testing and development

  • New product development, innovation and formulation

  • Reverse engineering capabilities

  • Analytical chemistry and stability testing

  • Bulk and packaged product testing and certification  

Bulk Formula

Some Formulation Types: 

  •  Hair

  •  Skin

  •  OTC/sunscreen

  •  Natural

  •  Household & Cleaning


  • 15,000 gallon of stainless steel jacketed mixing vessel 

  • Over 30,000 gallons of bulk storage

  • Vessel sizes of 40 gallons to 7,000 gallons

  • Flexible batch production runs based on MOQ


Product Testing & Quality Assurance
Product Testing & Quality Assurance


  • Manufacturing and packaging procedures abide by FDA OTC (CFR 210+211) / EPA / cGMP requirements

  • Lot tractability from raw material to finished good product

  • Sampling, quarantine, release protocols in place to meet customer requirements

  • Product packaging design and validation

  • Real-time transaction control of process stream input/output

  • Utilize sanitary hoses approved by USDA/FDA (meet 3A Sanitary Requirements)

  • 316 Stainless Steel water delivery system with butterfly valves


FDA Registered (OTC Compounding and Manufacturing), ISO Certified, cGMP compliant, EPA Registered
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